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One Piece Theory: Vegapunk Shaka’s True Identity is Linked to Rocks Pirates

One Piece Theory: Vegapunk Shaka's True Identity is Linked to Rocks Pirates
Vegapunk & Shaka (Eiichiro Oda)

Introduced as a brilliant mind behind groundbreaking technological advancements, Vegapunk’s influence transcends the boundaries of any single sea. Among his creations stands Vegapunk Shaka, satellite number 01, representing the embodiment of ‘good’ – a figure shrouded in intrigue and complexity.

Shaka’s true nature comes under scrutiny due to his exceptional leadership skills, strategic acumen, and his untimely demise at the hands of York in chapter 1077. A provocative new theory emerges, suggesting that Shaka’s connection to Vegapunk runs deeper than initially perceived – he may, in fact, be a clone with ties to the legendary Rocks D. Xebec.

Dr Vegapunk (Toei)

Dr. Vegapunk hailed as the world’s smartest individual, is believed to possess six distinct personalities, including ‘good’ and ‘evil.’

However, the authenticity of these personalities comes into question, particularly in Vegapunk’s case, given his involvement with the World Government and the creation of dangerous weapons. This incongruity begs the question: How can Vegapunk, whose actions exhibit moral ambiguity, have a satellite representing ‘good’?

The theory posits that Shaka is not merely a manifestation of Vegapunk’s ‘good’ side but a clone originating from the influential and powerful Rocks D. Xebec.

Striking similarities between Shaka and Rocks D. Xebec, such as their ability to impose order and unity, lend credence to this notion. Shaka’s enigmatic behavior, including his masked persona and distinct personality, further support the idea of his lineage tracing back to Rocks D. Xebec.

Rocks D. Xebec and Gold D. Roger (Toei)

Moreover, Shaka’s unique abilities and connections add layers to the theory. As the only satellite to bleed, he possesses distinct characteristics that set him apart.

His direct communication with revolutionary leader Monkey D. Dragon raises eyebrows, suggesting a deeper significance to his role. The possibility of inheriting advanced observation haki through his lineage hints at Shaka’s exceptional nature.

The fate of Shaka remains a tantalizing mystery. While he predicts his own demise, interpretations vary. Some speculate a symbolic death, followed by a ‘rebirth’ as a new clone of Rocks D. Xebec, while others entertain the possibility of resurrection through Vegapunk’s advanced technology.

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