My Hero Academia Season 5 Is Coming Soon

My Hero Academia

The title first originated as a Japanese superhero manga series. It was serialized in the Weekly Shonen Jump since July 2014. The manga was written and illustrated by Kohel Horikoshi. The manga was adapted into an anime series with its first season airing in Japan from April to June 2016. The anime has been noted to take inspiration from superhero comics of Marvel and DC. It has been critically acclaimed all around the world with the anime receiving multiple awards and accolades in various categories with Netflix being one of its streaming platforms and distributors. Google has rated the anime at 4.8/5, IMDb at 8.5/100, and Rotten Tomatoes at 100%.

The story of My Hero Academia deals with a boy named Izuku Midoriya who is born without superpowers and is termed as a Quirk. He desires to be a hero one day. His potential soon catches the eye of Japan’s then No.1 hero, All Might who shares his powers with Izuku by acknowledging his potential, and also helps him enroll in a high school for heroes. From then on starts the adventures of Izuku thus unfolding the story.

The anime has expanded itself to four seasons to date with a major chunk of the storyline being revealed in season 4 due to which fans are confused as to whether season 5 will appear or not. We are here to assure you fans that season 5 is in the work and will appear as the plot isn’t over yet and a good portion of it is left to explore. Here’s a fanmade trailer of season 5 made by Anime Rewatch which hints at the presumed storyline of the season.

In April 2020 it was officially announced that the anime will go forward for a fifth season. Although no official date for its release neither a trailer to the same has been dropped yet. Izuku Midoriya will be the protagonist of the story in season 5 too. The shooting of films, television series and animes have slowly started resuming after a long pause due to the coronavirus pandemic which started since March of this year. Due to such sudden pause and delay in resuming the production, we can expect the series by 2021.

Creator Yuki Hayashi has shared pictures of musical band members working hard in producing the soundtracks of season 5, on his Instagram account. This alone is the proof of confirmation that season 5 is in the works.

Also on the front page of the anime’s official website, a stunning image of the character Midori has been posted with its caption reading, “5th Season Coming”. This statement is ought to put a smile on the faces of the fans.

With respect to the trailer that has been shared in this article, we can predict that season 5 will move forward from Deku’s dream where season 4 ended. Some myriad and mysterious theories are coming out as to what was the dream all about as Deku was seen tapping into the energy field of all the past One For All users.

My Hero Academia
Deku’s dream sequence stills.

It is being said that season 5 of the anime will be strongly dealing with the history of One For All, the life of its past users, and how Deku has to learn a lot to master his powers. A good amount of screen time will be given to the character Endeavor who is Japan’s No.1 hero, in season 5. Fans are also eager to see as to what is going to happen to the hero community after All Might’s retirement.

The story of My Hero Academia is largely based on its manga counterpart and the storyline of the anime follows that of the manga’s. Hence as long as the manga’s plot continues there’s no chance for the anime’s storyline to end. As far as characters for the new season are concerned, the role for the No.1 hero will be transferred to Endeavor. In collaboration with the Hawks, Endeavor will take down a new form of a villain named Nomu who are living dead bodies used as killing machines by the League of Villains and Paranormal Liberation Front. Deku being the subject under the spotlight for the anime will embark on new adventures along with his high school friends in season 5 and will continue to develop through training.

My Hero Academia
Tomura Shigaraki – The leader of the League of Villains is said to be conspiring something evil for the upcoming season.

As far as villains go, there is a high chance that the former villains of the series might return in this season. The members of the League of Villains and their leader Tomura Shigaraki are waiting for the right moment to strike.