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My Hero Academia: Bakugo’s Post-War Recovery Outshines Todoroki and Uraraka – Here’s Why

Bakugou (Bones)

The aftermath of My Hero Academia’s final war has left a profound impact on several key characters, notably Shoto Todoroki and Ochaco Uraraka.

However, it’s intriguing to observe that Katsuki Bakugo, typically known for his fiery temperament, appears to be coping with the aftermath better than his peers. This unexpected response may not necessarily stem from emotional maturity but rather from the absence of personal connections to the adversaries he faced during the war.

Unlike Shoto, who grappled with the personal turmoil of facing his estranged brother Dabi, and Uraraka, who confronted the threat posed by Himiko Toga, Bakugo lacked any significant history with the villains he encountered.

Deku and Bakugou (Bones)

For him, the conflict remained solely professional, devoid of the emotional entanglements that plagued his counterparts.

Recent developments in the manga, particularly in chapter 425, shed further light on the emotional toll experienced by Uraraka and Todoroki. Uraraka’s nerves and anxiety following her brush with death in the war highlight the psychological impact of the conflict, while Todoroki’s unresolved familial issues with Dabi add a layer of complexity to his character arc.

In contrast, Bakugo’s focus throughout the war was primarily on stopping the villains, with his only personal connection being with Deku, the central figure of his character development. As a result, he appears to have achieved a sense of closure, albeit at the cost of physical injury, as revealed in chapter 424.

Bakugo and Edgeshot (Bones)

Looking ahead to the series’ epilogue, the consequences of the final war arc continue to reverberate. Speculation abounds regarding the identity of a mysterious new character introduced in chapter 425, with theories suggesting a potential return of Tomura Shigaraki.

Meanwhile, the cliffhanger involving Endeavor and a looming confrontation with Dabi sets the stage for further character development and resolution.

While My Hero Academia’s final war arc undoubtedly took a toll on its characters, Bakugo’s comparatively smoother handling of the aftermath can be attributed to the absence of personal connections to his adversaries.

As the series progresses towards its conclusion, the repercussions of the war continue to shape the narrative, promising further twists and turns for its beloved characters.

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